I know that everyone digests information differently. Some like to read a blog post/article, some like to watch a video and then there’s some that like to listen. Well i have the blog so that ticks off the reading, i am going to add some videos at some point, just need to figure out whetherContinue reading “LISTEN TO MY PODCAST”

Practise positive self talk

Practising positive self talk helps you become a more happier person inside and out. It helps you understand whats important to you in life. CREATE AWARENESS – Without awareness you will not know what toxic thoughts to change. REFRAME YOUR THOUGHTS – Change the negative messages and words into a more powerful, positive, empiwering message.Continue reading “Practise positive self talk”

How to be more productive

So I have some pointers on how you can be more productive and get things done. Without further ado let’s have a look at them down below My 10 tricks to be more productive and they are as follows: Get up two hours earlier Do the most important thing in the morning Focus on yourContinue reading “How to be more productive”

Top 10 benefits of Life Coaching

I just wanted you to know the most positive things about Life Coaching and how a coach can help you. 1. Discover your passion purpose and direction 2. Become more focused 3. Improves self awareness and understanding 4. Overcome your limiting beliefs 5. Trains your mind to a new way of thinking 6. Stretches theContinue reading “Top 10 benefits of Life Coaching”

How can I help you?

As a life coach I can help guide you on your way to leading a happier life by changing a few things. The power is in your hands- I just aid you along the way and give you some encouragement and pointers. You won’t know yourself when you just let yourself concentrate on you asContinue reading “How can I help you?”