I know that everyone digests information differently. Some like to read a blog post/article, some like to watch a video and then there’s some that like to listen.

Well i have the blog so that ticks off the reading, i am going to add some videos at some point, just need to figure out whether to put it on here or YouTube.

Drum Roll…….

I have a podcast for all you people who love all things audio. I have recorded a introduction and uploaded it here.


I will be uploading them every Wednesday at 5am GMT starting on Wednesday 6th January 2021 so they are there nice and early to listen when you get up.

These podcasts will be available wherever you listen to your podcasts to at the moment, so Google, Spotify, Apple to name a few.

It’s always free to listen and its only when you want to follow me you will need to have an account.

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